Who We Are

In 1934, a missionary from Ireland and five American businessmen initiated something that no one had ventured into before.

When no one was able to entrust financial resources to national workers, they did the complete opposite. These six people placed their trust in the locals and decided to provide financial support for a group of ordinary national co-workers. In the 20th century, such partnership was distinctive. Since then, it has become an effective missions strategy.









Today, CNEC (known as Partners International in North America and other western countries) has centers spanning 56 countries, reaching out to 392 people groups, providing support for 5000 national co-workers to manage over 100 projects. In His faithfulness, God has brought together CNEC workers from different cultures and languages, opening doors for CNEC to minister even in the least evangelized places, from Shanghai in China to Timbuktu in Africa, participating in the call to proclaim the Gospel for the extension of the kingdom of God.

What We Do

The key role of CNEC is to be the vital connection between overseas resources (from donors, sponsors and volunteer groups providing expertise) and the national co-workers in each of the countries that CNEC works in.

In allocating resources, CNEC is involved in a wide range of local projects, including church planting, training of national leaders, construction of homes for children, student centers, schools, drug rehabilitation centers, developing micro-enterprise projects and setting up scholarships for students. The CNEC headquarters, where all administrative matters are processed, is located in Singapore. Currently, CNEC has missions projects in countries below:

  • Myanmar
  • Thailand
  • Laos
  • Cambodia
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • East Asia
  • Vietnam
  • Philippines


In the villages of the Chin, the Shan, the Lhaovo, the Miao and the De'ang in Myanmar, CNEC is engaged in the work of evangelization and training. Through the ministry in children homes, student centers and schools, we prepare the children for life and also nurture the next generation of Christian labourers. The children in CNEC's homes for children come from different ethnic groups, but they live in harmony with one another. The financial support that funds the Sponsor-A-Child program goes a long way to help supporting the children from families with fianancial difficulties. Most importantly, the program opens doors for the local church to share the gospel with the children and their families. Micro-enterprise Projects (MEP) are also initiated to help the local churches and national co-workers so that they are able to better support themselves financially. Other ministries include theological training and outreach to the people of Myanmar through the 'Love Myanmar Project'.