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This book has included the fruits of labor of the Sponsor-A-Child (SAC) ministry established in the 60s. It includes the following contents:

– God is the God for the orphanages and widows;
– God uphold the work of His servants;
– Blessed is the men who obey the word of God;
– The history of the exploration of mission work in Southeast Asia.

This is a book written in Chinese which describes the testimonials of the life being transformed, and each of the testimony is like a star in the darkness of the sky, proclaiming the love of our heavenly Father.

They are not the fantasies, but instead they are true stories which witness that wherever there is the love of God, the truth of God and the grace of God, life could be transformed, molded, and nurtured!

In this book “Our Children Have Grown Up”, we witness that each and every sprout has grown up healthy and strong to become trees that stand tall, and they are like the ugly duckling that has been transformed into the beautiful swan!

May God inspire us in the fire of zeal of the gospel through “Our children have grown up”, and may you also could partake in our ministry in SAC program!

To God be the glory!

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“A Bridge to the Mountain”, the autobiography of Southeast Asia’s missionary pioneer, Rev Paul Chang. How the family members of a servant of God have faithfully served Him from generation to generation, even in an ever changing age.

“A Bridge to the Mountain” employs a narrative style that stretches back from as early as the eighteenth century, during the time of the grandparents of Rev Paul Chang; right up to the second millennium. The main narrative spans half a century, with China, Hong Kong, Europe, America and Southeast Asia as the backdrop.


This book depicts how a family of a servant of God faithfully served Him from generation to generation, even in an ever changing age. It opens with the time when the Gospel was first introduced in China and the narrative continues amidst China’s tumultuous modern history – from the Sino-Japanese war, to the struggle between the Nationalists and the Communists and right up to the Communist victory. Included are many enthralling snippets of the history of the Chinese Church. Later, it traces Rev Chang’s footsteps to offer a peek into how he as a Chinese man lived and served in America during the sixties and the seventies. There are various familial testimonies, including the struggles of two of his children and the culture shock that they had to deal with. The account moves into the eighties as Rev Chang ventured into the many remote mountainous areas in Southeast Asia and pioneered church after church and evangelistic outreach efforts one after another…

The book is informative, incredibly rich in detail and makes for a substantial read. One can’t help but be touched by the testimonies and awed by God’s amazing work through the ages.

Paperback USD$10.00

This book includes some examples of our mission work in Southeast Asia for your reference. May this book serve as a modest spur to induce more Godly servants to come forward and make valuable contributions towards mission work.

In this book, we will introduce to you the life, dedication and the pioneering work of a few faithful servants of God. They are hardworking and never grumble. They have established churches, seminaries, schools, orphanages and student centers etc;. They have helped and nurtured many preachers, orphans, children and people in poverty. They brought them to believe in Christ and helped them to have the ability to be self-support and self-sufficient through holistic approach.

– This book is for you, if you have the will for missions but do not know how to begin.
– This book is for you, if you find a place for mission, but you do not know where to begin.
– This book is for you, if your mission work is slow in progress, and you do not know how to strengthen the progress.

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From the church history, there are always new hymns created as needed with every spiritual revival. In the past few years, there have been many new hymns which were widely spread in churches, and they were with different genres, mode and expressions. At the same time, as the trend of the Chinese Churches go, it is necessary to have a bilingual hymns book (CHN/ENG) to accommodate different kinds of church events.

Over a period of more than two years, from all aspects of collections, together we edit, proofread and published this new bilingual hymns book – HYMNS OF PRAISE for the needs of the churches.

The features of this hymns book are as follows:
– Easy application
– Simplified versus staves
– Lowered tune
– Adds on new hymns
– Includes chords index

Hardcover USD$24.00