The CNEC office in Singapore welcomes you to serve alongside with us.

We are shorthanded at our office but do not wish to incur additional administrative costs. So we need a large pool of volunteers to work together with us to meet some administrative needs. You can participate in the following:

1:Translation of English-Chinese or Chinese-English correspondence
2:Write for our quarterly “Praise and Pray” newsletter
3:Engage in designing publicity flyers, posters, films or film production 
4:Sort and send large volume of seasonal correspondence
5:Maintenance and repair of physical infrastructure
6:Represent CNEC to set up Missions booths in churches
7:Take part in departmental project teams
8:Host visiting pastors and mission workers
9:Maintain multimedia equipment, computers and websites 
10:Provide administrative help

Please note: part-time work can be on a weekly or monthly basis, or for special projects or on adhoc basis depending on your availability. CNEC may be able to provide certain allowances or provide lunch.

Please contact us.