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The CNEC office in Singapore welcomes you to serve alongside with us. We are shorthanded at our office but do not wish to incur additional administrative costs. So we need a large pool of volunteers to work together with us to meet some administrative needs. You can participate in the following:

1) Translation of English-Chinese or Chinese-English correspondence
2) Write for our quarterly “Praise and Pray” newsletter
3) Engage in designing publicity flyers, posters, films or film production
4) Sort and send large volume of seasonal correspondence
5) Maintenance and repair of physical infrastructure
6) Represent CNEC to set up Missions booths in churches
7) Take part in departmental project teams
8) Host visiting pastors and mission workers
9) Maintain multimedia equipment, computers and websites
10) Provide administrative help

Please note: part-time work can be on a weekly or monthly basis, or for special projects or on adhoc basis depending on your availability. CNEC may be able to provide certain allowances or provide lunch.

Please contact us.


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