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Adopting an "Unreached People Group"


The main objectives of this project is to GO: to save a people group,  to change their destiny and to pioneer an indigenous church, in order to fulfill the Great Commission. The idea behind this “Adopt an Unreached People Group” Project is derived from the traditional Chinese chess game of ‘Go’. Many of these ‘unreached people groups’ do not live in isolation. Rather, they are in constant contact with other races and people groups. We should therefore reach out to these unreached people groups through the networks which they have already established with the other surrounding communities. We should mobilize the believers in these communities to bring the gospel into the unreached people groups. In order that the evangelists from these communities are able to strategically gain a foothold among the unreached people group, a fund has been set up to facilitate their setting up of small businesses, such as internet cafes and tea houses, in the area which serve as platforms to connect with the people and to bring the gospel into the unreached people group.

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