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Our aim is to help the churches that have been planted in the mission field move towards independence and self-sustainability, both administratively and economically; as well as take up the mantle of sharing the good news with their own people. We have set up a fund with the purpose of providing loans for the starting up of small businesses such as rearing of livestock and planting of corn, so as to enable them to get out of the cycle of poverty. 

Once a borrower’s business has taken off, he is required to return the sum borrowed which is then ploughed back into the fund. In this way, the fund can continue to be used to help other needy people. If this fund is managed properly, it will bring about economic growth as well advance the work of the church in the area.

Our objectives are as follows:

- Relief of the poor – helping the poor break out of the poverty cycle in very practical ways.
- Imparting management skills – providing avenues for practice on being good stewards for God in micro-enterprise projects.
- Inculcating a sense of responsibility – through learning how to manage one’s finance.
- Social development – breaking the vicious cycle of poverty
- Overcoming dependence – discouraging unhealthy dependence
- Strengthening the church – helping it to be self-supporting, self-sustaining, and self-propagating
- Establishing pride and dignity – to enable the locals to be able to work with their own hands, to live well and with dignity. 

This ministry is an investment into lives of people – not only are the living conditions of the poor improved, their lives are also changed. Because we cannot just say to our fellow Christians "Peace be with you. We will pray for you!" without lifting a hand to help them out of their poverty.  

The help that we render is of a kind that discourages dependency. There are no Santa Clauselike giving of handouts. Otherwise, the people that we supposedly 'help' would lapse into a unhealthy kind of dependency, and not be able to stand on their own two feet.

The “Micro-enterprise Project” has been set up with the above-mentioned objectives in mind. This project hopes to garner the active participation of the villagers so that they will be able to take pride in their own achievements.  

“Better to teach the man to fish than to give him a fish”. This is indeed a life investment that has eternal value.

In the Gospel of Matthew 14:13-21, where Jesus miraculously fed the five thousand with five loaves and two fishes, He first told his disciples, “You give them something to eat.” But they replied saying, “We only have five loaves and two fishes. How is this enough to feed the multitudes?” But when these five loaves and two fishes were put in the hands of Jesus, they were multiplied and became a blessing that satisfied the multitudes.

In the twenty-first century, the world’s population already exceeds 6 billion. One sixth of this world still suffer from hunger while a quarter of the world live daily below the poverty line on barely less than a dollar. Such a great multitude live in hunger and hardship. Now Jesus is calling out to us just as He did to the disciples. “You give them something to eat.” Are you willing to present your “Five loaves and Two fishes” to those who are in need?  


Micro-enterprise projects that need sponsorship

  • Dairy Cows
  • Pig-rearing
  • Internet Café
  • Student Learning Center
a) Main target: To buy 3 cows for milking and a bull for mating, as well as build a cowshed.
b) The benefits:
• Many children will be able to drink milk from these cows, which would be an excellent source of calcium and other proteins.
• Orphanages would be able to sell the excess milk as an additional source of income.
c) The cost of one project: USD$10,000
a) Main target: To buy 10 piglets and to build a pigpen.
b) The benefits:
• Piglets grow and mature very fast. A piglet that is just five-month old can already be put up for sale.
• Pigs are easy to rear because their feed is simple and inexpensive.
• The profits made can be used to cover some costs.
c) Per Project Cost: USD$2,500
a) Main target: To attract youth to use the internet services.
b) The benefits:
• The opportunities to befriend young people as well as to share the gospel.
• Christian values can be taught via various short courses.
• Computer classes can also be started for young people and adults
c) Project cost: USD$35,000
a) Main target: Open English and Chinese Language Classes for the young people
b) The benefits:
• A chance to befriend young people as well as to share the gospel.
• The opportunity to teach Christian values to them
c) Project cost: USD$15,000


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